Obama visit: What India wants

As President Barack Obama on Saturday expressed confidence that relationship between India and the US was going to be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century, here’s a look at what India expects from the US President and what it is likely to

What India wants

1) Greater salience in the strategic ties with US, taking it to the next level

2) Ending the high-technology export control and taking off Indian firms from the US entities list, transfer of dual-use technology

3) US should acknowledge larger Indian role in UN

4) Greater role for India in Afghanistan, addressing India’s concerns over the Taliban integration process ensuring its not a Pakistan-driven process

5) Joint efforts for Africa

6) Greater access for Indian goods, services in Indian market

7) Positive signs on outsourcing

8) Bigger cooperation in space initiatives, monsoon, crop prediction

9) Greater cooperation in health and education

10) Greater cooperation in the East Asia region

11) Greater counter-terrorism cooperation

12) India wants US to back it in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the Missile Technology Control Regime, the Australian Group, and the Wassanaar Arrangement.”

What US is likely to give

1) US wants the same as well

2) It’s almost a done deal, negotiations though are going down the wire

3) Whatever US says that’s other than India being a natural choice in the expanded UNSC is a bonus for India

4) US is appreciative of India’s role in Afghanistan. But cannot afford to anger Pakistan

5) It’s more of a US idea to work together with India for Africa

6) Obama has to weigh all these against the jobs Indian firms create for Americans and access US products get in India

7) Don’t expect anything that talks of taking away US jobs

8) US is very keen, pacts ready

9) No major hiccups, announcements ready

10) Unlike Bush-administration, Obama regime is keen on East Asia

11) US is positive

12) US is ready

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