What is 2G Spectrum Scam

What is 2G Spectrum

2G is short form of Second generation, 2G Stands for the second generation phones. The first introduced mobile phone series were named “1G”, 2G is the successor of 1G phones which was introduced in Finland by Radiolinja in 1991. 2G phones are specified by the standard GSM.GSM stands for Global system for Mobile phones, this standard enabled the user to use handset in any part of the world called Roaming Facility.The actual difference of 1G phones was in in its Signaling and it used digital Channel to communicate, .This enabled the data communication (text messaging).The frequency range of 2G Spectrum is from 900MHz to 1800MHz.

What is 2G Spectrum Scam..??

India upgraded from 1G phones only from 2008, the 2G phones was going to be introduced. Govt planned to allocate the spectrum for the Service providers. Telecoms minister A.Raja introduced unique procedure for allocation, he allocated by first in first served policy. What Mr A. Raja has done is that, he given away the spectrum to his favorites, important thing to note that Karunanidhi’s family holds large share of Telecoms and Television Networks in Tamilnadu. The spectrum was sold in the price of 2001,in 2008. The loss from 2G spectrum allocation is about Ra 1.76 lakh Corers, Rs 1400 per man in the country.What makes this big is that,the amount country loose in 2G Spectrum allocation is more than India annual income From Export Business.

This deal was in the interest of top Corporates in the Country, telecoms Ministry brushed aside all the the Guidelines and proceeded to issue 122 new license for 2G spectrum at 2001 price. The major beneficiary of this deal was Reliance and Tata, it is evident from the tapes that having the conversation between Corporate middle men and Minister A.Raja.

Who is to Blame..??

The Ruling party can never shy away from this, because they are the authority to make decision. Congress party president and Prime Minister manmohan singh never commented on this issue until the supreme court asked, it is a Question mark on the Credibility of Manmohan singh. He took 16 months to reply Janatha Pary President Mr Subramaniam Swami’s letter on 2G Scam.

It is always the DMK ministers who are corrupts in First UPA Govt it was Mr Balu now it is A.Raja. Congress will hesitate to take action against DMK, because if DMK withdraws support to the center the govt may collapse. Congress wont wont stand by the national interest because they have their own, indian corporates are the financial source of Congress. It is this corporates who even decides the ministers at the center, and how Congress can act against them.

How the Scam Came Out..!

The Nexus Between the Media and Corporates are so strong that, the top English channel in India even ignored the 2G Spectrum Scam. The whole credits to bring out the scam in to light goes to Janatha party president Mr Subamaniam Swami who filed an affidavit in the Supreme court, CPI(M), CPI,BJP and all the left parties who raised this issue in the Indian parliament, and the Malayalee media person J Gopikrishnan who brought the Nexus between Media and Corporates.

What Next..??


Absolutely nothing much is going to happen in the 2G Spectrum scam, Govt will follow the routine policy of CBI inquiry in to the cases, but dont expect to punish the culprits in this case because the top Corporates are involved in the case. This case will go in to history like any other scam that have happened in the Country.

Mr J Gopikrishnan said that , he only know a little about the Scam, he could publish this only because his editor allowed him to. And many media person in the country know well about the case, they are keeping mum because, this may create rivalry with Corporates and their media may loose their ad revenue from them.

There is lot more to come out in this scam, but congress will make sure that it wont come out. What ever has come out have created turmoil in the country. They wont be able take any more.

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