time management

… much time is wasted being angry. For some, years are spent holding a grudge or … get even. I have therefore had pause to ask – How much time is wasted being angry? What if there was a way to measure this. I am sure … business owners or anyone for that matter learns to management their anger there will be built in an element of time


value of time

… understand the value of a year, talk to a student who has failed an important exam. To … someone who won a silver medal at the Olympic Games. Time waits for no one. Gather all the time you have left every moment, and it

Good manegers

I’m just not. I’m sorry, mom….DAD. He’s a good guy, but i treat him like a disease for the most part. I can’t … TRIED TO GET HIRED: i must have lied to about 6 different manegers when i was trying to land a job this summer, telling them I …

Design Management Case Studies

This study provides an unusual and timely contribution to knowledge of the management of product and service innovation.